Retake ACT

Retake ACT

Why Does My Student Need to Retake the ACT?

When a gifted student comes home a with less than average ACT score, the parent will most likely wonder what went wrong. Though some students may not be able to identify an answer specific enough to help the parent find a solution, ACT Up Speed Reading can. Of the individual testing areas on the ACT, each has one thing in common: it is meant to be read at a rate of 350 words per minute. Herein lies the problem. Did you know the average reading speed of a high school student is only 250 WPM?

It doesn’t take Einstein to gage that gross miscalculation. Despite suspicions, we’re here to tell you it isn’t a fluke. The writers of the ACT aren’t setting everyone up to fail. The speed at which the student can intake and comprehend written information is an integral part of the test. It is then safe to assume a student will not achieve an improved score on a retake ACT without first perfecting their ability to read faster, allowing them to answer each question on the test. At ACT Up Speed Reading, we specialize in just that.

Reading is Succeeding

This is what we know:

  • Reading at the average rate, students need 4 hours to finish the ACT.
  • The ACT only allows 3 hours for completion.

Even after reading through the statistical information, some will be skeptical. ACT Up Speed Reading has prepared for this likelihood by creating a practice test for parents, teachers and administrators. It is designed to demonstrate the difficulty of the ACT test and the need for speed reading prior to completing the retake ACT.

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