SAT Tutoring Chicago IL

SAT Tutoring Chicago IL

SAT Tutoring Chicago IL

SAT Tutoring Chicago IL Students Will Enjoy

We believe learning should be fun – but most of all, it should be effective. Here at ACT Up Speed Reading, our qualified tutors truly care about how well your child does on the SAT. While our program is geared toward ACT prep, it’s still valuable for SAT prep as well due to the timed reading section. Our experienced private and online tutors can help your child improve his or her SAT scores. We pair your student with a tutor who has the right background and teaching style for the perfect fit. Boasting bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a variety of areas such as English, sign language, urban education and more, you’ll find our tutors are more than qualified to tutor your child in speed reading. We have the SAT tutoring Chicago IL students will enjoy.

In the instance of traditional test prep, tutors focus on review of the subject matter and guessing to beat the clock. Conversely, our program focuses on speed reading. With this approach, students can finish the SAT on time AND complete it all without guesswork.

Why Our Tutors are the Best

There are many reasons to enlist the help of ACT Up Speed Reading tutors:

  • Affordability – For one low registration fee, you get a lifetime value for your child.
  • Time Sensitivity – Whereas many SAT reading practice programs require several classes, we offer one convenient three-hour session. The student must study the material and practice it after taking the course.
  • Quality – Our program was established by Liz Kearney, an expert in reading comprehension and education.
  • Environment – Our in-person classes are taught in real classrooms at real high schools. Or, if you prefer a private tutor, we can provide one-on-one instruction in a classroom or online via Skype.
  • Educators – Each of our teaching staff has a PhD and many years of experience.
  • Results – Our students experience an average score increase of four points, with student satisfaction surveys scoring us at 99.8% overall.
SAT Tutoring Chicago IL

In essence, our teachers guide students in productive ways to read more quickly and efficiently so they have a chance to answer every single question. Take a look at our track record: the average WPM before tutoring is 221, while the average WPM after tutoring is 315 WPM.

Contact ACT Up Speed Reading for SAT Tutoring in Chicago IL

To learn more about SAT tutoring in Chicago IL, fill out our contact form or call us at (847) 829 0911 for a one-on-one Skype session. We offer services to students in and around Chicago, Elgin, Barrington, Bartlett, Naperville, Arlington Heights and Aurora, as well as online via Skype.