Average WPM prior to workshop 221 wpm
Average WPM after workshop completion 315 wpm
Average WPM increase during workshop 94 wpm 43%
Average pre workshop ACT passage score 4.45 correct
Average post workshop ACT Passage score 6.15 correct
Average score increase 1.70 38%


The average reading speed for students coming to our workshop is 221 words per minute (WPM). At the end of the session that average jumps to 315 WPM, a 43 % increase with no loss of comprehension. By following the practice routine we recommend students can achieve speeds of 400 WPM or greater.

Students who attend our class are achieving an average 38% improvement in the number of questions answered correctly out of 10.

Quick Facts

  • Curriculum developed February 2014.
  • First workshop held March 8th 2014.
  • 235 students taught to date.
  • 100% of students completed post workshop survey.
  • 100% of respondents would recommend our workshop to a friend.
  • 97% of students who had previously taken an ACT prep course rated our workshop as superior.