Reading Improvement

The average reading speed for students coming to our workshop is 221 words per minute (WPM). At the end of the session that average jumps to 315 WPM, a 43 % increase with no loss of comprehension. By following the practice routine we recommend students can achieve speeds of 400 WPM or greater.

Average Reading Passage

Students who attend our class are achieving an average 38% improvement in the number of questions answered correctly out of 10.

When was the ACT Up curriculum developed?

Our curriculum was developed February 2014.

When was the first ACT Up workshop held?

Our first workshop was held March 8th, 2014.

How do students rate the class?

100% of our students have taken our post-workshop survey and 99% of these students agree they would recommend our workshop to a friend.

Students who have taken other ACT prep courses choose ACT Up

97% of students who had previously taken an ACT prep course rated our workshop as superior.


Average WPM prior to workshop 221 wpm

Average WPM after workshop completion 315 wpm

Average WPM increase during workshop 94 wpm 43%

Average pre workshop ACT passage score 4.45 correct

Average post workshop ACT Passage score 6.15 correct

Average score increase 1.70 38%

Accepted to prestigious engineering school

Last semester my daughter, Clare, took this course. Her ACT score went up so much as a result that she felt compelled to seek out the email address of the instructor and thank her personally! And this after Clare had expressed some skepticism before the class that it would help her. She has now been accepted into one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the country. This would not have happened with her previous ACT score.

Angi Cholewa (Parent 11.19.14)

My daughters score improved to a 31 and she believes it can go higher!

“My daughter started seeing an ACT tutor last summer to prepare for the test.  Her tutor gave her several practice tests.  She normally does very well with her academics, so the problem she was having was she was just unable to finish the test in time.  We signed her up for the speed reading class, and the next time she took a practice test, it was the first time that she had ever been able to completely finish!  She ended up getting a 31 on her ACT, and now feels like she can get an even higher score.  We were very skeptical about signing her up as we thought “What can possibly be accomplished in one night?”  My daughter was also not thrilled with the idea of spending the night in a class after a long day.  However, when she came home from the class, she said “Mom, that was SO worth going!  It really helped me a lot!”  It really did help her get through her ACT and earn a great score!”

Karen (St Edward Mom)

Extremely helpful

I haven’t taken the ACT yet so I found the overview and the strategies for taking the exam extremely helpful. Knowing that I can get through all of that reading is awesome, I feel so much more relaxed. Thank you so much!

Aly (Student)

Reading score increased by 10 points!

I just had to write and let you know that your course helped my son tremendously. The reading section of his ACT went up 10 points!!! When he took the ACT in June he told me he had a column and a half of questions that he just filled in because he was nearly out of time. He told me this time (September’s test date) that when they gave the two minute warning he only had two questions left. That’s a huge improvement. He had some other prep as well such as some vocabulary work,etc. but I believe firmly that the speed reading helped tremendously. I am so glad I signed him up. I am recommending you to any and everyone I can. Most of my friends do not live in the area but the teachers I know with younger students are being told that when they are old enough, they should be signing up for the class.

Thanks again.

Cheryl (Parent 10.7.14)

Increased score equals more aid

Nick took the ACT last spring. He took this class over the summer and retook the ACT in September. ACTUP helped him raise his overall score 3 points. And the amount of financial aid offered went up with his score.

Patrice Duffy (Parent)

Science score went up 9 points

Thank you, thank you, thank you! After taking your class I practiced hard for a month on the skills you taught us. Then I retook the ACT and when I got my results back my science score went up 9 points, from 25 to 34! I couldn’t have done that without this class. Not only that, I am now spending much less time on my AP reading assignments yet keeping my same GPA, you guys are the best!!

Casey (Student)

Speed reading techniques

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this class, my dad signed me up to try and help me improve my ACT score because I had a hard time finishing the test when I took it. Your class was really good and I’m definitely going to practice and use the speed reading techniques, its really cool and I feel good about taking the test again.

Mike (Student)

Teacher was awesome

Your class was great and my teacher was awesome! I’m super excited to put my new skills to use so I can get through all of this reading my teachers give us quicker.

Taylor (Student)