Improve SAT Score

Improve SAT Score

Improve SAT Score

Want to Improve SAT Score? We Can Help

It all starts with learning how to read faster. Our three-hour session here at ACT Up Speed Reading can help students increase their reading speed by an average of 100 WPM. This enables them to complete the test in a full and timely manner. Many other traditional SAT prep courses teach students how to make best guesses in order to complete the test. We don’t think that’s an accurate or effective way to take a test. Our methodology will stick with students through college and beyond into their careers. Are your child’s SAT scores a bit too low to get into the college they really want? It’s time to sign them up for a course with ACT Up Speed Reading. To improve SAT score, we invite you to try us out.

Our program provides you with proven results. In fact, our students have an average score increase of four points. Additionally, our student satisfaction surveys score us at 99.8% overall.

SAT Improvement

Invested in Success

Our teachers are invested in the success of your child because they are passionate about what they do. It’s our pleasure to give students access to qualified, dedicated teachers who can attest to the effectiveness of the program.

While traditional methods of SAT improvement can help students in some ways, we believe they provide an overall disservice to students in that they don’t get at the core issue. That issue is: learning how to read faster and more effectively so as to finish the test in its entirety while maintaining reading comprehension.

Also, traditional test prep courses involve several weeks of sessions at great expense to the parent. Here at ACT Up Speed Reading, we offer just one three-hour session, resulting in the same or better SAT improvement experience.

Contact ACT Up Speed Reading to Improve SAT Scores

If you would like to improve your SAT scores, it’s time to register for a session with ACT Up Speed Reading today. Start by filling out our contact form or calling us at (847) 829 0911. We teach in real classroom settings in and around Elgin, Barrington, Bartlett, Arlington Heights, Naperville, Chicago and surrounding areas. Or, try a one-to-one Skype session by filling out our contact form.