Does an increase in reading speed really effect standardized test scores?

Absolutely.  Click HERE to watch Dr Mulhern talk about her experience with increased reading speeds and their effect on test scores.

Does an increase in reading speed effect comprehension?

Our students comprehend what they read at their new, faster speed at the same rate as their slower speed.  Click HERE to watch Dr Mulhern talk about the importance of our students maintaining their comprehension.

How much faster will my student be reading after taking your program?

Our program is designed to increase a students reading speed by 100 – 200 words per minute. This is the ideal increase to give them the best chance to finish all sections and achieve a higher score.  Click HERE to watch Dr Mulhern speak about the targeted increase in speed and our method for measuring that increase in class.

Can students really learn to read faster in just three hours?

Yes!  Click HERE to watch Dr Mulhern explain how our program can increase your students’ reading speed in just one sitting.

Does a faster reading speed provide benefits beyond the ACT and SAT?

Without question.  Their new speed helps them get through their homework more efficiently and will help them immensely as they face the large amounts of reading that awaits them in college.  Click HERE to watch Dr Mulhern talk about the additional benefits that our students’ tell us they experience.

Do higher ACT and SAT scores really effect the amount of tuition I will pay?

Very much so. Click HERE to watch Wendy Kelly, the Principal of St Laurence School in Elgin, Illinois, speak about her experience as a parent trying to get the best value out of her kids test scores.

Do I need to bring any materials to class?

No, we provide all in class materials. You only need to bring a pen/pencil. Feel free to bring a snack and/or beverage.

What type of reading materials are used?

We utilize two actual ACT tests from years past as well as several ACT level reading passages. Everything we provide is written at the level of the ACT.

How close to the test should I schedule my student into the class?

We recommend at least 2-6 weeks of practice time before the test. However, taking the class several weeks or even months out can be advantageous. The more practice time, the better.

How long does the class last?

The class typically lasts 3 hours.

Will my student’s reading speed increase immediately?

Typically, students will increase their reading speed by the end of class. However, as with any skill, there is a direct correlation between the amount of effort (practice) put in and the results (increased speed). Students will leave our class with a full understanding of the skills and how to employ them. With the proper amount of practice, her/his speed will increase.

Can my student only attend a class at her/his high school?

Your student can attend any class s/he finds convenient unless it is specifically stated at a certain school that only students from that school may attend.

What if my student has already taken the ACT and does not plan to take it again? Would your class still be beneficial?

Absolutely! The ability to speed read is a skill that will bring lifelong benefits. As your student progresses in his/her academic career, a faster reading speed will greatly enhance his/her academic experience and help to improve work/life balance. Further, our test taking strategies will prove helpful throughout students’ academic careers.

Can freshman or sophomores also take the class?

The class is absolutely open to any student who is interested in learning speed reading techniques. While we focus on the ACT, the strategies we teach can be applied to most standardized tests. Freshman and Sophomores will benefit by getting an edge on their current classroom work plus get an early start on their ACT preparation while Seniors will learn a skill that will help them manage the reading loads at the next level.

Will speed reading help on other sections of the ACT/SAT or just on the reading section?

Speed reading will be a tremendous help on the English and Science portions as well. Both are reading-intensive.