ACT Tutoring Naperville IL

ACT Tutoring Naperville IL

ACT Tutoring Naperville IL

ACT Tutoring Naperville IL Students Will Continue to Benefit From

No student should have to rush through a test and end up leaving blanks or random guesses. There’s a more effective way to tackle the ACT and that starts with speed reading. The goal is for the student to finish the ACT on time AND finish the test to its completion without fancy guesswork. Call us if you want ACT tutoring Naperville IL students will use for years to come. Here at ACT Up Speed Reading, our qualified tutors are invested in the success of your student, backed by quality private and online tutors that can help your child improve his or her ACT scores.

With traditional test prep, tutors focus on review of the subject matter and guessing to beat the clock; we focus on speed reading. This way, our tutors can guide students in productive ways to read more quickly and efficiently so they have a chance to answer every single question. We don’t think it’s very effective to train them in guessing strategies when there is a much more effective way to go about it. After students take our course, their average WPM increases by 100.

The Secret of Success

We complement your student with a tutor who has the right fit, background and teaching style. This is half the battle: getting your child to connect with an educator for the best results possible. Choose from one-on-one private tutoring as well as online tutoring via Skype. Our ACT test prep tutors in Naperville come highly recommended because they offer the following benefits to your child:

ACT Tutoring Naperville IL
  • Activity-driven learning experiences.
  • Innovative curriculum design and cutting-edge learning methodologies.
  • A lifetime of value from one or just a few tutoring sessions.
  • Backing by founder and educator Liz Kearney, who has 25 years of teaching experience.
  • Engaging and passionate approach for fun and interesting sessions.

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To learn more about ACT tutoring in Naperville IL, fill out our contact form for a one-on-one Skype session or call us at (847) 829 0911. We offer services to students in and around Naperville, Elgin, Barrington, Bartlett, Arlington Heights, Aurora and the city of Chicago, as well as virtually.