ACT Prep Naperville IL

ACT Prep Naperville IL

ACT Prep Naperville IL Can Trust for Better Scores

If you thought it was enough to study hard, think again. The ACT test is written in a way that makes it nearly impossible to complete – until now. Here’s what ACT Up Sped Reading has discovered:

  1. Average high school students read 200-250 words per minute.
  2. The ACT test requires students to read a minimum of 350 words per minute from start to finish.

These important statistics are the basis for proving the necessity of our program. After all, numbers don’t lie. For those that need to “see it to believe it,” we cordially invite you to participate in our brand-new sample test. This test was specifically designed for parents, teachers and administrators looking for proof of better method of ACT prep in Naperville IL. If that’s not enough to convince you, let our experienced educators guide you as you learn about our program.

A New Approach

Whether you are retaking the ACT to improve your score or going in for the first time, ACT Up Speed Reading will teach you the skills you need. Instead of class after class structured around review and strategic guessing, we offer speed reading courses to help you get through the whole test with enough time to answer each question. We often receive students who have completed longer, more expensive courses. Though they did experience some benefit, they felt they could perform to even higher standards – which they did in almost all cases. With only three hours to finish a four-hour test, reading is the true key to ACT prep Naperville IL will see results from.

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Get ahead with the ACT prep Naperville IL uses to achieve ACT improvement. Register with ACT Up Speed Reading today by filling out our contact form or calling us at (847)829-0911! We offer classes in and around Elgin, Barrington, Bartlett, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Aurora, Naperville, Orland Park, Tinley Park, and the city of Chicago. We also offer Skype sessions to out-of-state registrants, as well as private sessions for those seeking individualized attention.