ACT Improvement

ACT Improvement

When It Comes to ACT Improvement, Guessing is Not Enough

Traditional methods of ACT improvement can yield some success. However, students are required to attend several sessions over a matter of weeks to achieve the desired outcome. For some parents, this intensive experience can break the bank. While it may seem a worthy option as an investment in their child’s future, it may not be a necessary expense. With just one three-hour session, ACT Up Speed Reading has been able to provide the same ACT improvement experience with the same (and often better) results.

Each member of our staff is passionate about what we do. While we pride ourselves on our qualified, dedicated teachers, we know they would not be here were it not for the effectiveness of the program. With the highest composite score capped at 36, even one point can make all the difference. Students of ACT Up Speed Reading have managed to increase their scores by an average of four points. Setting aside modesty for the sake of accurate illustration, that is a life-changing statistic.

Revolutionary ACT Improvement

For example, let’s take the reading portion of the test. In 35 minutes, the student is supposed to:

  1. Read 4 completely unrelated passages, likely on topics they know nothing about.
  2. Understand what they’ve read. That’s not too big of a deal, right? Wrong. Take a look at the third requirement:
  3. Answer 35 questions based on what they’ve read.

If that doesn’t seem unreasonable, we suggest taking our sample test. It’s designed specifically for parents, teachers and administrators. The test is meant to validate the difficulty of the test as it is written. By utilizing ACT Up Speed Reading as a method of ACT improvement, students have been able to increase their scores by an average of four points per test. We help students increase their reading speed by an average of 100 WPM, so they have a chance to answer every question on the test without guessing.

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If you are seeking an established method of ACT improvement, sign up for a session with ACT Up Speed Reading today or fill out our contact form for a one-to-one Skype session. You can also call us at (847)829-0911. We teach in real classroom settings in and around Elgin, Barrington, Bartlett, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Aurora, Naperville, Orland Park, Tinley Park, and the city of Chicago.