Our Story

Liz-Kearney-About-UsACT Up Speed Reading provides ACT help for students. It all started a few years ago when Liz Kearney’s nephew, then a high school junior, took a speed reading course in downtown Chicago. Dismayed with his first test result, he pursued speed reading as a way to increase his ACT score. Despite the long ride, boring class, and mixed company, he boosted his score from the mid-twenties into the low thirties. This put a whole new set of college options on the table including Penn State, where he is currently a student. Convinced others could benefit from the same advantage, Liz grew determined to make this valuable skill available to more students.

Liz Kearney is a reading specialist who has over 25 years of experience teaching in both the private and public school systems. Liz specializes in innovative curriculum design and cutting edge learning methodologies. She knows how to teach so that students learn. Liz crafted a speed reading workshop just for students who are preparing to take the ACT.

To set apart the ACT Up Speed Reading workshops and optimize their impact, Liz mixed in several key ingredients including:

  • A fun, activity-driven learning experience specifically designed to capture students’ attention and keep them engaged.
  • Careful selection of active, passionate, energetic teachers currently teaching in area schools. Click here to meet the teachers delivering this workshop in your area.
  • Convenient delivery in local schools. Students are most comfortable learning alongside their peers in a familiar environment.

To give your school’s students access to this incredible ACT preparation resource or to schedule a student for a workshop, click here.