About Us

About Us

About Us

The ACT Up Speed Reading program consists of a single 3-hour class, which unfolds like this:

  • We start by measuring and recording the student’s beginning reading speeds.
  • We then administer and grade the Social Sciences passage from the Reading Comprehension portion of the ACT and record the score (this is 1/4 of the entire reading section).
  • Next, we teach five different techniques designed to eliminate habits that slow reading, along with tips to help students navigate the ACT and SAT more quickly.

Unique to all other forms of ACT and SAT preparation, ACT Up Speed Reading is an SAT and ACT improvement program that is designed to help your student succeed. Contrary to traditional ACT and SAT prep methods, we focus on teaching students the real key to success: how to read faster. Setting out to take tests written at a higher than average WPM, our students leave feeling confident in their ability to complete the test, resulting in higher test scores.

We then tell the students to use everything they just learned as we:

  • Administer and grade the Social Sciences passage from a different ACT.
  • Measure their new reading speed.
  • Compare the students’ beginning and ending reading speeds and test scores.

To see the preclass and post class averages click HERE

ACT Up Speed Reading has successfully helped many students in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Naperville, Orland Park and surrounding areas to improve SAT and ACT scores. Not your average SAT prep or ACT tutoring, we aim to help students improve scores on the SAT or ACT when they go to retake the test. With plenty of reading practice, those are the results for many students.