• Can we really teach students to read faster in just 3 hours?

    Dr. Mulhern explains how students experience significant increases in such a short time and how this impacts standardized test scores. She also discusses the myriad additional benefits and at the 1:05 mark she talks about the event that compelled her to create this program.

  • What happens in class? And what about comprehension?

    Dr. Mulhern explains the importance of proving to our students in class that they are reading faster with no loss of comprehension. See the :35 mark to watch her describe the actual class.

  • Student Panel

    Find out what our students think and how they feel after taking the class, including those who have previously taken ACT prep courses.

  • How does a higher reading speed effect the test taker? And is there a financial benefit to a higher score?

    Wendy Kelly, ACT test proctor and Principal at St. Laurence school in Elgin, Illinois, describes her proctor experience; watching frustrated students guess at answers as time winds down. See the 1:10 mark to watch her discuss higher scores and how they relate to college tuition.